BLACKPINK reveals powerful looks for “How You Like That”, their new song


The BLACKPINK members impressed their fans with new outfits and looks for their comeback. BLACKPINK conquers the Internet with their looks for their song ‘How You Like That’.

The BLACKPINK girls are preparing their comeback that will be divided into different phases, they are currently promoting the premiere of the single ‘How You Like That’ and for this they have revealed some incredible images.

Blackpink is one of the most proactive groups in fashion, the idols have earned their place as icons and the teasers of ‘How You Like That’, Jisoo Rose, Jennie and Lisa left impressed fans with their new looks.

In the first promotional images of ‘ How You Like That’ the BLACKPINK girls did not show their entire look , they opted for the mystery by covering their faces a bit, which increased the expectations of Internet users.

Through the official Twitter of YG FAMILY , they were released the third teaser images for the launch of ‘How You Like That’, the style of the 4 girls of blackpink shocked BLINK .

Jisoo , the idol is known for her visual , the BLACKPINK member has a very elegant look , the protagonists of the outfit for ‘How You Like That’ is her black hair and eye makeup that stand out for some shiny stones.

Rosé, the idol is characterized by her long hair and now, her style has completely changed, the singer has hair in gray and purple, a very natural makeup that emphasizes her cheeks with orange blush.

Jennie is one of the fearless idols to experience new things when it comes to outfits or outfits and for ‘How You Like That’ the BLACKPINK rapper wears blonde front highlights and the rest of her black hair, accessories like pearls and leather gloves.

Lisa is a rapper who always shines on stage with her dance steps, the native of Thailand for ‘How You Like That’ fell in love with her fans with short hair, some chains and percings near the eye and on the lip.

‘How You Like That’ of blackpink be trained on June 26th at 6 PM.


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo recently turned 4 years old as a K-pop idol, the singer was celebrated by all netizens who admire her career and talents.


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