BLACKPINK reveals new individual teasers for the Album


BLACKPINK reveals incredible individual teasers for “The Album” and hypothesizes the name of their new song.

YG’s girls are ready to meet BLINK again on October 10 with their first full album. The K-pop group has revealed new teasers for their comeback, raising expectations of what they have in store, the concept of idols has an urban and mysterious touch, and they may have revealed the name of their title song.


Through their official social media, BLACKPINK posted the new individual teasers for “The Album”. The four trailers show each member in the middle of an abandoned parking lot, while they walk and dance in the middle of the dark, their comeback will take place on October 10.

The first to be revealed was Lisa, who wears a rebellious leather jacket with studs and a kind of black top, garments that she complemented with a denim shorts and her new gray highlights, the idol made several poses in front of the camera accompanied by the instrumental music for his new song.

Jisoo was the second to appear, the singer kept her pastel purple hair, wearing a sleeveless top, skirt and plaid shirt, she also walked through the parking lot glancing at the camera behind her. Jisoo was the third to surprise BLINK, the idol left her long black hair to wear it with an outfit consisting of a checkered skirt and a kind of military blouse, her look was complemented with red lipstick and outlined eyes.

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Finally, Jennie starred in the latest teaser. The singer wore jeans, a beret and a white blouse, which she combined with a shirt of the same color, a ponytail, and sexy and huge earrings. Each of them fell in love with BLINK for their beauty and incredible outfits. The new teasers also sparked rumors about the name of their new song.

Some BLINK tried to figure out the name of the track that is heard in the background in the videos and according to the Shazam app, BLACKPINK will reveal as the lead single “Lovesick Girls”, the number one song on their tracklist. Apparently, the girls will show their more rebellious side in this comeback.


Recently, BLACKPINK also announced their collaboration with PUBG Mobile and they will debut in the world of video games.


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