BLACKPINK reveals new How You Like That teasers and fans criticize the makeup artist


BLACKPINK reveals new How You Like That teasers and fans criticize the makeup artist. Some BLACKPINK fans expressed their disagreement about the makeup style of some members. Followers of blackpink ask for a better concept of makeup for idols.

The YG Entertainment quartet is preparing for the world premiere of ‘How You Like That’, a song that marks the comeback of the group formed by Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa . Netizens have been very excited with the posters and teasers that show the styles of the idols.

Every time new images are published for the launch of ‘How You Like That’ , Internet users are shocked by the beauty and looks of the BLACKPINK girls , they have become a benchmark of fashion in K-pop.

Through the official Twitter of YG FAMILY, the title poster of ‘How You Like That’ was published, here the 4 idols look with a different aura than the previous images , the photos have more than 300 thousand likes and more than 205 shares Until now.

Fans of the group realized that Lisa and Rosé did not have makeup as produced or colorful as they expected and immediately BLINK’s reactions were swift and asked YG to change their makeup artist.

BLINK talked about Maeng , a makeup artist who has been working with BLACKPINK for a long time, Maeng has made up other top K-pop celebrities like rapper Zico .

Followers assured that Maeng can do better artistic work with BLACKPINK , others commented that it is a makeup with a more minimalist concept and others shared the idea that the makeup of idols is in neon tones and that they are not perceived by light always seen.

Users also posted it some flattering ideas for the makeup of Lisa and Rosé , BLINK asks to see the artists with eyelids very bright, glossy and bright colors like purple, blue and pink.

The official video for the song ‘How You Like That’ by BLACKPINK will be released on June 6 and you can enjoy all the talent of the YG Entertainment girls on different digital platforms.

The BLACKPINK members showed a great sense of fashion and their unique style in the first teasers for the premiere of their pre single, ‘How You Like That’, a song full of strength and rhythm.


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