BLACKPINK releases concept video of Lovesick Girls


BLACKPINK reveals the concept video for “The Album” and the name of their new song: Lovesick Girls. The YG girls are ready to surprise BLINK with their new music, the K-pop group will have their first full album in their career, which has surpassed 800 thousand pre-orders, after the success achieved with “Ice Cream” and the new promo single “Lovesick Girls” is expected to exceed those figures.


Through their official accounts, YG and BLACKPINK released the first teasers for the new Korean pop single, the group will return with the song “Lovesick Girls” and shared the concept video of their comeback, the four members surprised BLINK with outfits full of girl power and night party.

The video is only 25 seconds long, but it has recorded more than 3 million views on YouTube. The teaser shows the K-pop group walking through the night streets of the city, with an apparent silence, but in the background the instrumental music of “Lovesick Girls” is heard, made up of a guitar and as the scenes progress, what seems like be trumpets.


“Lovesick Girls” was described as a song that talks about the pain suffered in love, in addition to going through difficult times in relationships, life and during youth, therefore, BLACKPINK portrays this situation in the teaser scenes, The 4 of them appear as if they are tired of something, but they support each other.

The K-pop group tries to convey the strength that is found when you are with your friends, but also the loneliness that you often feel despite being accompanied. “Lovesick Girls” will show a night of adventure, pain and music with the MV that premieres this Friday, October 2, 8 days before they release “The Album” in physical format.

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Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo modeled the same outfits as their individual teasers, they all look prepared for girls’ night, with skirts, tops, coats and blouses that make them look incredible, but behind their smile could hide a great pain that they will portray in “Lovesick Girls.” YG also revealed the poster for the comeback.

BLACKPINK also revealed individual teasers for “The Album,” where the girls are sporting amazing outfits.


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