BLACKPINK release the official trailer for Light Up The Sky


The documentary on the history of BLACKPINK will be released very soon and the first trailer will infect you with excitement for this production.

The girls of BLACKPINK have just returned with a new single and the premiere of their first full album, but amidst the success, the idols are also ready to release their first documentary from Netflix. Light Up The Sky will be full of emotions for the fans, so we invite you to continue reading and see the official trailer.

We just need to wait a few days to finally enjoy this production, but the scenes revealed in the teaser will spark the joy of all BLINK. The trailer begins by showing a bit of the music recordings that the idols prepared, but it also tells us how impressive the K-Pop phenomenon is.

The scenes attest to BLACKPINK’s reach and popularity, which is why we heard the girls reveal that they never imagined it was possible for them to have such an impact on people.

Following that, Jennie talks about what makes K-Pop special, like the dynamic that is followed for pre-debut training, where all the boys and girls who want to become music stars will have to test their skills and improve them. gradually.

The trailer reveals some scenes of BLACKPINK as trainees. It is well known that YG Entertainment, like other agencies, have a competitive system where month by month reviews of the performances that their trainees prepare are carried out, as has been seen in survival shows of the company. However, there are very few videos of this type that are known of the girls so far.

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The idols remembered the beginning of this dream, so we see Lisa talk about the times when she was part of a dance group in Thailand before she was recruited to train in Korea and Rosé recounting that she never imagined living away from her family.

Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie have been partners for a long time, since in addition to training together, they also became roomates when they joined the company, so they have created a special bond that gives strength to their friendship.


This documentary will take us to know scenes never seen before from the beginning of the musical career of these idols, but we will also remember events such as the press conference prior to their debut, the filming of their first music videos and the moment when the live shows started.

Therefore, we know that it will be a very emotional production that no BLINK wants to miss. When can you enjoy this documentary?

Light Up The Sky premieres on October 14 and will be available through Netflix, so prepare your account on this platform and learn more about the history of BLACKPINK.

We recently also told you about a new achievement that the idol group reached with the music video for Lovesick Girls, know the details.


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