BLACKPINK plans to celebrate the new year


BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez show how their friendship has grown stronger and they could celebrate the new year together.

Since the release of “Ice Cream”, the girls showed that they had great chemistry, despite not being able to meet in person to be able to work on this project. Their communication has been at a distance, but it has allowed them to get on very well and create a great friendship between both stars, so much so that they could organize to say goodbye to 2020.


Through social media, BLACKPINK shared a video call with Selena Gomez, their collaboration with “Ice Cream” not only brought their talent and voices together, it also linked them as people and they have shown that they developed a close friendship. Jisoo and Rosé had the opportunity to meet her during a fashion show, but their ties have grown much stronger.

The K-pop group shared with Selena their next plans, because the girls really want to get to know her properly and it seems that their plans could come true, because the singer of “Rare” explained that she usually spends the New Year with friends or her family, but it could travel to South Korea and be with them, something that moved the girl group and all of BLINK.


BLACKPINK has already started to make plans with her as if they knew each other for a lifetime, nothing better than receiving a new year of opportunities and dreams in the company of your loved ones and loyal people with whom you have shared a part of your life the previous year. Although, as the pandemic continues, their plans could be delayed, unless they take the proper precautions, as Sel suffers from lupus and is at much higher risk.

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The YG stars also revealed at what level of friendship they are with Selena and it seems that their relationship evolved to great levels, demonstrating the trust they have with each other, because since they work together they can now talk about the difficulties they face. present during work or if you feel like you have lost your way.

Selena agreed with the girls and admitted that now they too are part of her life and that she now counts on them to be by her side. Awwwww! BLINK shared the videos of their video call and they are happy that both celebs can have a great relationship and behave like great and best friends.

Recently, it was announced that BLACKPINK is preparing to release their first documentary, Light up the Sky, a project that will premiere on Netflix.


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