BLACKPINK opens its official Twitter account and launches personalized emojis


The girls opened their profile on Twitter and drew their own emojis. After the premiere of “How you like that”, BLACKPINK begins to gain ground on social networks with the opening of its official Twitter account.

The girls want to have more promotion and interaction with their fans, so they moved from the profile of the YG to have an exclusive space for them, after 4 years of career, the group entered a new stage of marketing.

The premiere of How you like that, BLACKPINK surprised its fans with its Twitter profile, which already has more than 4 million followers just a few hours after its opening, demonstrating the great popularity that the group has gained in recent years. years.

Her first post was referring to her new MV, which already has more than 28 million views just 6 hours after being released, it is also # 1 in YouTube trends.

With the opening of Twitter, the girls also got personalized emojis, the first of which is the one that belongs to the group, a pink heart with the Blackpink logo . Furthermore, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie have their own hashtags.

They are all in pink and the best thing is that they created them themselves , reflecting their personality . Jennie seems to have a great love for food, because her drawing is a kind of steamed onion or bread with hands and feet, looking smiling.

Lisa demonstrated her love for cats by drawing a feline on its back. Rosé lived up to her name and chose some flowers. For her part, Jisoo made a kind of stain or petal.

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BLINK started sharing the hashtags to view the emojis . Apparently, the new marketing team that YG hired started working with the group, helping them to have a greater presence in the networks with various tools to create trends and promote their next comeback.

“How you like that” is the first release of 2 before revealing the full album, in addition to the 3 solos by the members who have not yet debuted as soloists. And you already got BLACKPINK pink power?

BLACKPINK has already started a new era with “How you like that” , breaking a record for the most watched live video on YouTube to more than 1 million viewers, during their press conference, the girls assured that this album will be only for BLINK.


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