BLACKPINK looks vulnerable in Light Up The Sky


BLACKPINK premieres “Light up the Sky”, their new documentary on Netflix and reveals stories from their past that moved BLINK:

YG’s K-pop group continues to promote “The Album”, their most recent comeback, after the release of “Lovesick Girls” as the lead single, the idols have broken several sales and chart records and finally revealed their first feature film on the Streaming platform. BLINK got to know the more vulnerable side of the BLACKPINK members.

At dawn this Wednesday, BLACKPINK released “Light Up The Sky”, its first documentary on Netflix, whose premiere was positioned in the Twitter trends from the first after BLINK shared its first reactions. To promote their new material, a custom emoji representing the Korean heart that idols make was also revealed.

The K-pop group decided to reveal the story behind their career, four girls with the same dream went through different obstacles and hard moments that have made them stronger, BLINK shared various messages of support and admiration for Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé, who opened their hearts and showed their most vulnerable side.


BLACKPINK’s documentary on Netflix showcased their days as trainees, as well as photographs from their childhood that moved their fans. She also collected individual interviews where the girls talked about painful things, like Jisoo, who confessed that her relatives considered her an ugly girl.

Jennie admitted that at some point she wished to be a normal girl, study and have memories of her student days like any other girl, despite fulfilling her dream, the stress and struggle they had to go through makes BLINK feel more proud of they. On the other hand, Rosé delighted everyone with singing scenes where she performed a song whose lyrics she wants to remain private.

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“Light up the Sky” also shows a reflection on the reach that K-pop has had in recent years, being music in another language and that it has been able to position itself at the same level as other artists in the industry. In the end, BLACKPINK decides to make a promise about their future and continue to shine, the girls had dinner at an old restaurant where they used to meet up when they were younger.


Before the premiere of their documentary, BLACKPINK held a press conference where they revealed who is the fifth member of their group.


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