Blackpink: Lisa Shows Her Unconditional Love To Jisoo


BLACKPINK has created a great family among the idols that make up this K-Pop group, Lisa and Jisoo adore each other and always leave little proofs of their great love that BLINK loves to see.


As a group, BLACKPINK has lived many experiences, in the most difficult moments and in which they have been full of success, the idols have accompanied each other and have managed to overcome any obstacle and break all records with their great talents, skills and all their work. team up.

Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie have been together since their preparation as trainees, since then they have created strong ties of friendship to a great family that makes up this girl group, their history has been built on the basis of passion, work and effort that they have made as an amazing team.

It is common for BLINK to find beautiful gestures among BP idols, showing their love, affection and that they really enjoy a deep friendship that has become stronger with their experiences and the passing of the years; Even in their individual activities, the members of this K-Pop group show great love and support for each other.

Especially Ji Soo and Lalisa have been showing how cute their friendship is and how much they love each other, with various actions that might seem small, but mean a lot to each other, they show their great affection.


Lisa released her album ‘Lalisa’ and sent a signed copy to all of her BLACKPINK members, Jisoo showed off hers with a very cute message that Lisa left her on her debut solo album; In addition to her autograph, she had also written him words from her heart.

Jisoo unnie I gained strength thanks to you, I love you

This is how Lisa showed great affection to Jisoo, who is the oldest in her group and has helped the other members of BLACKPINK a lot, without a doubt they have a beautiful friendship that is demonstrated by these beautiful actions.


Lisa gave her BLACKPINK classmates some cute tye dye sweatshirts with her name on, as Jisoo confessed that every time she feels she will meet Lalisa, she puts it on because it makes her friend happy to see that she brings the clothes she gave her.

This is how BLACKPINK idols show their love, Lisa even remembers what Jisoo was like in her days as a trainee, the idol always wore a red sweatshirt that she wore to all practices, they have been together for more than 5 years and have shared great experiences.

This red sweatshirt that Lisa mentioned was Jisoo’s favorite when she went to high school and that’s why she always wore it back in her days as a trainee.