BLACKPINK: Lisa has an ideal type, what characteristics should she have?


BLACKPINK’s Lisa is one of the most loved singers in the K-Pop industry today. The Thai has managed to win the hearts of thousands not only with her great talent, but also with her unique charisma. That leads many to wonder what the person who steals the girl’s heart would be like and Lisa has confessed what characteristics her ideal boy should meet.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a renowned singer in the world of K-Pop, who has managed to captivate the hearts of fans and celebrities she has met. But only one type of man can steal the heart of the Thai woman, what should her ideal type be like?

Many fans are always curious about details of her favorite artists’ personal lives, from her favorite color to how they decide to make her pizza. In the same way, they are also interested in knowing how a person must be to like them and her idols respond from time to time which is her ideal type.

In the case of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, the singer has not hidden her from her fans as she must be the man of her dreams, with whom she might one day like to date. These are the characteristics that a man must meet to steal the heart of the Thai.


For BLACKPINK fans, Lisa has always come across as a charismatic and cheerful member, who is always looking for ways to make others laugh. As well as being very professional. But what is she really like in the realm of love? Lisa revealed what the ideal guy would be like to steal her heart.

One of her first requirements is that he must be older than her and taller than her, a man who seeks to always take care of her. In addition to that, she wants a person with a good heart, who knows how to cook and whose lifestyle fits with hers. So Lisa might be interested in another idol or someone who works in the art world and can understand how heavy her schedule can be.


Similarly, during an episode of Knowing Bros in which BLACKPINK was a guest, she was asked if she was a fan of Gong Yoo, to which she replied that she loved the ‘Goblin’ actor so much because he was completely her type, mainly to meet the characteristics of being tall and older than her. Similarly, she mentioned that one of her wishes was to take a picture with him.

Shortly after the interview, the actor was asked if she was aware that he was the Thai singer’s ideal type. Gong Yoo replied that he had found out about her and had sent the girl an autograph along with a message of support, thanking her for following her career so fondly. Would you like to see them together in a photograph in the future?