BLACKPINK Joins United Nations Advocates and Ambassadors


BLACKPINK‘s girls received a special appointment and will work alongside the United Nations. Music is not the only strength of BLACKPINK and the group demonstrates its impact by joining a very important UN project, what is it about?

While the idols of YG Entertainment received a letter from António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations originally from Portugal, this would be the beginning of a new activity plans blackpink which will have an international reach.

After the girls accepted an invitation to be part of a project of great importance, they have just been named as defenders of the United Nations and ambassadors of the SDGs , acronyms that refer to the Sustainable Development Goals .

It is a series of objectives that seek to respond to problems that we face today and seek solutions through sustainable management, taking up points that range from poverty, disease, environmental, economic, and even social problems.

K-Pop idols will be part of campaigns and dynamics that collaborate to meet these objectives, using the global reach of the artists and their impact as a tool.


The news not only touched all the BLINKS , but also the idols who little by little have received great global recognition. BLACKPINK is the first group of Asian artists to take on this role and appointment within the ODS project, so it was celebrated by fans.

Regarding this announcement by the United Nations, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé expressed their feelings saying:

It is an honor to participate in creating a path to a better world

BLACKPINK‘s arrival on this project surprised fans, but it was an achievement applauded around the world.


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