BLACKPINK: Jisoo Captivates Cameras With Dior


Jisoo and Dior’s Beauty pose for Marie Claire and no one can take their eyes off BLACKPINK idol. Jisoo is a very beautiful idol and not only does she sing and dance very well, but she is also an incredible model who enjoys astonishing natural beauty; in front of the cameras she showed us her best side.

BLACKPINK idols have made incredible music for the last 5 years, their talent and effort on stage have been quite well received by the public as the idols of this girl group have many fans around the world who support, love, and admire them. every member of this K-Pop group.

Jisoo is one of its members who has made us hallucinate not only with her talent as a singer and dancer, but soon she will also do it as an actress in the drama ‘Snowdrop’, And she has also been a model and ambassador for different brands dedicated to fashion and beauty.

So with their music, beauty, and great personality, BP idols go further and further and achieve a new scope even outside of music; As an ambassador for Dior, Jisoo looked like royalty in her most recent photoshoot.


Jisoo appeared in the magazine Marie Claire of Korea and looked like a real princess with Dior products such as Rouge Dior and Miss Dior, the singer impressed friends and strangers with her beauty, her outfit, and beautiful makeup.


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Jisoo is charming, on stage, in front of the cameras and as a human being, she has not stopped impacting the world with her beauty that looks like royalty.

Speaking of Jisoo, apparently, she will stop being blonde and will go for a more daring shade for her hair, or will she go back to black?


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