BLACKPINK: Jisoo Appears With New Look and Dominates Trends


BLACKPINK Jisoo decided to change her style and looks better than ever, the world is at the feet of this BLACKPINK idol. BLACKPINK has very talented and beautiful idols both inside and out, this time, Jisoo changed her look and she looks as pretty as ever; But now everyone has set their eyes on this amazing idol.

The idols of the K-Pop often impress us with their talents and stage presence, the performances in this genre are amazing not only for music, rhythm voices of the songs; but also for the outfits and styles of South Korean artists with clothes, accessories, and makeup stand out even more in their work.

And BLACKPINK is no exception, on stage and their photoshoots for magazines, the idols of this female group always look fantastic, their looks and styles are great and they go according to their songs; always so fierce and full of life.

This time, Jisoo changed her look and has amazed locals and strangers from all over the world, BLINK still can’t believe what she’s seeing but the BP idol looks as beautiful as ever.


Jisoo had us used to hair color with dark tones such as black, brown, or reddish, sometimes using a light brown, always looking very good and with long hair; This time, she decided to use a blonde shade for her hair and the world is in shock.


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 With her new look, Jisoo is a trend in 24 countries and is # 3 in the world, BLINK believes that it could be a wig but the truth is that this color looks incredible on the singer, let’s hope it is real < 3.

The fans have filled photo Jisoo positive comments because it looks great with this new hair color and continues to impress the world even just a makeover.

In other BLACKPINK news, Jennie became an iconic character from Quenten Tarantino movies and enchanted everyone, she looks amazing.


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