BLACKPINK: Jennie Impact On Change Of Look


BLACKPINK: Jennie Impact On Change Of Look. Jennie hit all BLINKS. The reason? Recently the idol revealed that it has a new and super spectacular haircut. And the truth is that you did not expect this! Continue reading to know all the details.


BLACKPINK fans only noticed Jennie’s haircut when the idol showed up with the other girls at the Incheon Paradise City Hotel, on October 26. From the moment she went on stage, Jennie impressed with her hair, which was very beautiful for some. Check out the photos of her novel style here:


Shortly after it was known that Jennie changed her look, the BLINKS reactions on social networks, especially on Twitter, did not wait. All the messages were congratulations on the new style of the idol!

Now that you saw the photos, what do you think? No doubt this change means a new beginning for Jennie, who usually always had very long hair.

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