BLACKPINK has started the countdown for its ALBUM


We are very close to knowing the new BLACKPINK album and the girl group aroused the excitement of their fans with a new update on THE ALBUM.

The long wait for BLINKs around the world is about to come to an end, more music from their favorite idols will arrive very soon thanks to the release of their first full album. Cheer also washed over the girls as they got ready for the launch.

The last few months have been full of surprises for BLACKPINK fans, the girls’ schedule included the premiere of two singles leading up to the release of their new album, but there is still much to show.

Following the success of How You Like That and Ice Cream, the YG Entertainment girls announced that with the release of a new album they will also promote a new song under the name Lovesick Girls, but with this premiere getting closer and closer, fans won’t They have stopped receiving updates and surprises.


The arrival of this record material is closer and closer, therefore, the social networks of the group and the members have been active daily, revealing announcements, a tracklist and promotional posters.

This time they have released what could be the last poster prior to the launch of THE ALBUM, since the countdown has finished and today we will finally know what Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie have prepared.

However, we can still expect some posts from the girls sharing their excitement or inviting fans to the premiere of their musical release, what else would you like them to post on their social media?

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If you are waiting for this album, you must know the details of the song list that BLACKPINK prepared, one of them is a very special collaboration.


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