BLACKPINK has released Jennie’s solo promotional poster.


BLACKPINK countdown to release the first full album entitled “THE ALBUM” will be released on October 2 by gradually releasing teaser posters for fans. Have followed each other continuously

September 23, 2020: BLACKPINK released a teaser poster of Jennie (Jennie), one of BLACKPINK’s members, preparing to release the first full album, “The Album,” which is scheduled to be released on October 2. At 1:00 PM Korea time (or 11:00 AM Thailand time)

For this teaser poster released It’s a close-up picture of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, where she has a chic look. Wear a simple yet stylish beret. While showing her charm through the eyes of her fans to melt hearts

September 22, 2020: The famous girl group BLACKPINK released a teaser poster of Jisoo (Jisoo), one of the members. Preparing to return to release the first full album “The Album”

The teaser poster image is Jisoo’s solo release. It is a picture with a concept that conveys different emotions and feelings from the past two songs of BLACKPINK, “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream”. Are looking forward to the comeback of 4 BLACKPINK girls this time anxiously Also, look forward to the rest of the teaser posters of the BLACKPINK members as well.

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The first full album “The Album” by BLACKPINK will be released worldwide on October 2.

September 21, 2020: BLACKPINK released the first official poster of this series to fans. Followed up By revealing the schedule for the release of the new album as well

The first poster image released is the back image of 4 girls Jisoo (Ji Soo), Jennie (Jennie), Rosé (Rosé) and Lisa (Lisa) of BLACKPINK with the text “coming soon” and revealed. It’s due to release a new album That will be released on October 2 at 1:00 PM KST (or 11:00 AM Thailand time)

For the first full album “The Album” of the girls, BLACKPINK has set a new pre-order record. In just the first 6 days, there are more than 800,000 pre-orders for the album, which is a testament to the heat of BLACKPINK as well and the BLINK fans (BLINK) follow up. Various BLACKPINK updates to be released soon.


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