BLACKPINK France 2: Buy Tickets to See The Band at The Yellow Figures Gala in Paris


BLACKPINK will be present at the Yellow Pieces Gala, which will be broadcast on France 2!

Good news for fans of the girl group! BLACKPINK are returning to Paris to perform on the Zenith stage.

This is confirmed ! Kpop stars will perform at Zenith in Paris along with major French stars including Vianni, Angel, Mika, Pascal Obispo, Pharrell Williams and many others on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

The Yellow Pieces Gala concert will be filmed and shown on the France 2 TV channel on Saturday, January 28, in prime time at 21:10 Paris time.

For those who would like to see the Yellow Pieces Gala concert with BLACKPINK at Zénith de Paris, do not miss the opening of the ticket offices this Friday, January 13, at 10:00 exclusively at Carrefour Spectacles. Please note that there will be no online sales.

Only 16 Carrefour stores will offer tickets to this event. Discover the list of participating stores below. Tickets are sold at a price of 15 euros.

Paris Ile de France:

  • Hyper Carrefour Drancy (93)
  • Hyper Carrefour Pontault Combault (77)
  • Hyper Carrefour Saint-Brice (95)
  • Hyper Carrefour Chambourcy (78)
  • Hyper Carrefour Champs-sur-Marne (77)
  • Hyper Carrefour Atis Mons (91)
  • Hyper Carrefour Creteuil (94)
  • Hyper Carrefour Montigny Les Cormeilles (95)
  • Hyper Carrefour Auteuil (75016)
  • Carrefour Market Nanteuil-les-Moes (77)

The rest of France:

  • Hyper Carrefour Liévin (62)
  • Carrefour Market Lille Gambetta (59)
  • Hyper Carrefour Venissieux (69)
  • Hyper Carrefour Aix-en-Provence (13)
  • Hyper Carrefour Begles (33)
  • Hyper Carrefour Rennes Sesson (35)

The sale is limited to 4 tickets per person. All funds raised for this concert will be donated to the Hospital Foundation.

Operation Yellow Objects, launched in 1989, aims to raise money for the benefit of the Hospital Foundation. Thanks to these donations, the operation is aimed at improving the conditions of hospitalization of children and adolescents.

Since then, Brigitte Macron has headed the institution, which is now renamed Fondation des Hôpitaux. She is also the godmother, which explains her presence at the BLACKPINK concert.

On January 22 next year, Brigitte Macron will recover at the end of the week of her presence in Les 12 coups de midi, a check combining all these debts to the Fund.

The release of 2023 began on January 11 and should last until February 4 with the return of the cardboard piggy bank.


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