BLACKPINK choreographer receives multiple death threats


Kiel Tutin, BLACKPINK choreographer, denounces the death threats he has received for the “Lovesick Girls” dance.

YG’s K-pop group surprised their fans with the release of “The Album”, their first full album and which they have promoted with several singles such as “How you like that” and “Ice cream”, with which they have broken various records, they even peaked at # 2 on the Hot Billboard 200 upon its release, but they seem to be unhappy with Kiel Tutin’s work.

Through his personal Instagram account Kiel Tutin, choreographer in charge of creating part of the dance for “Lovesick Girls”, BLACKPINK’s promotional single, denounced that his name has been a trend on social networks after the accusations he has received against him He even looked devastated, as he has received death threats.

The dancer explained that the controversy arose because he worked with YG idols for “Lovesick Girls” and “Pretty Savage”, but some alleged fans are not happy with the result, even pointing out that he may have plagiarized movements of other K-pop artists, They also accused him of being a racist, so he wanted to clear up all the rumors and ask for the malicious comments to stop.


Kiel explained that his project with BLACKPINK is barely 20 percent, since the YG agency hires several choreographers to create the dance of a single song, in addition, the original base is not always respected, in the process many steps and movements are modified. The artist posted several videos to clarify the situation and request that the threats stop.

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