BLACKPINK can’t believe Jennie’s natural waistline


BLACKPINK rapper’s divine waist is a hot topic on Korean social networks.

Rosé is always known to have the smallest waistline in BLACKPINK when she has a measurement of only 48cm. This famous ant waist makes “Australian rose” always stand out both on stage and in real life, no matter what outfit she wears.

But netizens have discovered that in addition to Rosé, in BLACKPINK, there is also a different “waist saint”. That is the “live Chanel” girl, Jennie’s top style icon. Without revealing the specific measurements, Jennie made Knet stunned with an unbelievably small waistline, as if she could be in the palm of her hand. A series of “show” photos of the female idol’s tiny ant waist quickly caused fever on Korean social networks.

Close-up of “YG princess” divine waist, so small that Knet stunned

With the advantage of the tiny ant waist, Jennie often wears a croptop to highlight this beauty

Even looking from the back can see that Jennie’s ant waist is extremely prominent

Not only tiny, Jennie’s second round is also extremely toned, clearly showing the strong 11 abdominal muscles that make fans unable to take their eyes off

At this moment, Jennie’s waist was so small that it could fit in the palm of the hand

In the new set of photos, Jennie also made netizens crazy when wearing a croptop shirt and jeans that showed off her extremely slim waist.

The small waistline helps to highlight the standard figure of rapper BLACKPINK’s hourglass. Along with her hangered shoulders and perfect body proportions, Jennie deserves the title “holy body”, Kbiz’s top style icon.

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Some comments from netizens:

– Her waistline can fit in the palm of my hand.

– Perfect face and body, I admire them all.

– Incredibly small, not inferior to Rosé.

– Photos dressed simply as natural, beautiful and flattering the waist.

– Small and toned, it’s admirable.

– Jennie is not too high but her body proportions are amazing.

– I was shocked to see Jennie’s waist at the water park.


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