BLACKPINK breaks new YouTube record with Kill this love


BLACKPINK reaches a new record by breaking 1 billion views with “Kill This Love.” YG’s girlgroup continues to make K-pop history, the girls hitting a new milestone thanks to their previous comeback and massive support from BLINK. Besides being the most followed female artist, they are the only Korean act to register a new brand for the industry, we tell you all about their new achievement.

Through BLACKPINK’s social networks, it was officially announced that the MV for “Kill This Love”, the girls’ previous comeback, reached the 1 Billion mark on the YouTube platform, being the first and only group K-pop to have videos with that number, BLINK achieved the goal in just 1 year.

On Twitter, the BLACKPINK fandom created a trend with the hahstag # BLACKPINK2ndBILLION and shared their messages of support and congratulations to the idols, who achieved records with “Ice Cream” and “How you like that”, their music has boosted their popularity and they have registered several goals to its history with only 4 years of experience.


YG shared an image to congratulate their K-pop artist, the girls appear on a poster of “Kill this love” and the phrase of 1 billion in red letters, in addition, they assured that BLINK leads the world with this new record, as it is the only Korean act to record more than 1 MV with that number. What new hits await you with your next comeback?

The video for “Kill This Love” showed the rough side of the girls, with a black concept, they ended up with a love that made them suffer, in addition, it was a single that they managed to promote at the Coachella festival, one of the most important in the world , where they paraded alongside a large number of dancers wearing costumes similar to those of a school band.

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BLACKPINK is the group with the most subscribers on YouTube, breaking view records in 24 hours and recording MVs with 1 billion views.

The girls also revealed the secrets of “Ice Cream” with the behind-the-scenes video of their collaboration with Selena Gomez.


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