BLACKPINK Announces History of Light Up The Sky


BLACKPINK prepares the release of “Light up the Sky”, its first documentary on Netflix already has a release date.

YG’s girl group is ready to shine on the big screen thanks to its collaboration with the global streaming platform. There is a month to go until their comeback with “The Album” and it seems that they want to celebrate the release of their first full album with this project that will tell their entire history in K-pop.

Through its social networks, Netflix revealed that BLACKPINK will launch “Light up the Sky”, its own documentary, the K-pop group will be the first to have a project with the entertainment platform, its premiere is scheduled for the next 14 of October, just days after their comeback; Furthermore, fans will be able to personalize their profiles with photos of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

On the plot of “Light up the Sky,” the idols will tell the story of their career in Korean pop, from their beginnings as trainees, to becoming one of the most popular K-pop stars. One of the facets that BLINK will be able to know will be the life of each one of them, their day to day and their life in the bedrooms.

BLACKPINK will also reveal the behind the scenes of their musical productions, as they will show the recording process of all their albums and behind the scenes, they will also relive one of the most important moments of their career, and in K-pop, their presentation in the Coachella Festival 2019, one of the most important in the world.

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BLINK will know all the details of their trajectory, despite having only 4 years in the industry, BLACKPINK has added records and thousands of fans, Netflix also collected testimonies from the members through interviews and will take a trip to the past showing the days before -debut of the girls.

“Light up the sky” will tell its story during these 4 years, in addition, it will promote the promotion of “The Album”. The length of the documentary is not known or if it will be divided into chapters, but BLINK showed her emotion on social networks with messages of support for the group. Are you ready for BLACKPINK’s revolution?

The BLACKPINK girls are not only continuing with new releases, but also with their list of records, they recently added one more on YouTube thanks to their MV “Kill This Love.”


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