BLACKPINK Announces Concept for “Lovesick Girls”


BLACKPINK’s comeback is just a few days away from becoming a reality, however, surprises do not stop appearing, as the KPop group revealed the concept of “Lovesick Girls”, the title song of their first full album and Blink assures that it will be the song of the year

Since the teasers for the Pinks’ big comeback began to appear, the expectations for their new work became bigger and bigger, as BLACKPINK left the questions open from the first poster and on September 27 they finally revealed what their sound will be. for THE ALBUM.

“LoveSick Girls” to star in BLACKPINK

After the singles emerged, the fandom could notice that at the end of each one only a few seconds of instrumental could be heard, however, they were enough to discover the name of their next MV.

Well, when entering these seconds in Shazam, the application recognized her as “Lovesick Girls”, the same name that was confirmed by BLACKPINK with a new poster and the official teaser video for this new song.

The new concept of BLACKPINK

The sound revealed that BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” could return idols to genres like bepop or even play folk like they did on the track “STAY,” although this is not a fact.

As for the image, in the video you can see how Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé are walking through a parking lot, as well as through the streets of the city in the middle of the night, where they run while smiling, like if they were leaving behind something that hurts them.

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Which could continue to be part of the musical history of BLACKPINK, who have shown strength in their lyrics, where they show that leaving unhealthy relationships is always the best way to become a strong person.

The rumors

After the announcement of “Lovesick Girls”, several photos of the supposed tracklist of THE ALBUM were revealed, and it is believed that the idols were involved for the first time in the creation of their music, although so far it is only a rumor.

Well, it is only known that Teddy Park participated in the production and, possibly, in the lyrics of “Lovesick Girls”, although it is unknown who else worked with him to make possible the first BLACKPINK album, which will arrive this October 2 as the most anticipated comeback of the year.

Which is becoming a global trend almost a week after its premiere because although it has not been released, many people assured that “Lovesick Girls” could be the song of the year.


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