BLACKPINK and Rosalia delight fans with a possible collaboration


The BLACKPINK group has collaborated a lot with various international artists, we have seen them with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, will it be the turn of idols to collaborate with singer Rosalia?

The K-Pop band BLACKPINK is known by millions of people all over the world, they are loved and admired all over the world, be it for their talent, beauty and charisma. It was noticed not only by BLINK, and singer Rosalia expressed it as follows.

The performers of “How You Like That” definitely managed to conquer the audience with their talent, as in some cases various artists expressed the admiration and respect they feel for the singers of the K-Pop group BLACKPINK.


As we have already said in Nation Rex, the girls from BLACKPINK have a large global reach, Roze shone at the event before the Oscar, Lisa became an ambassador for several brands, Jisu starred for the cover of the magazine, and Jenny achieved success. a new goal with his song “SOLO”.

It wasn’t all for the K-Pop idols, they attracted the attention of the translator “Saoko”, as Rosalia recently showed her admiration for BLACKPINK and a member of the group, who do you think it is?

Without a doubt, the K-Pop group took “BLACKPINK in you area” too seriously, so much so that they reached Rosalia, and the singer declared that she was a Fox fan. The young translator of “MOTOMAMI” commented that she loves the Thai idol and would like to cooperate.


Although Rosalia has stated that she is a big fan of Lisa and would like to collaborate, there is nothing official and we don’t have a date, this is what the singer leaves to fend for herself, so unfortunately at the moment we don’t have a work between the two artists.

Rosalia commented on her admiration for the translator of “LALISA” as follows.

“I love her. She is very talented and dances so well. Fate will show if one day we will cooperate together.

What do you think? Perhaps this is something that should not be left to the mercy of fate and move parts so that this undertaking can be achieved by both singers, although Rosalia managed to build a career in urban music, as well as in flamenco, we would like to see a reggaeton singer with Lisa. .

While this is not the first time that Fox is part of the aforementioned genre, it will be the first time that the band will work in this musical style, it is certainly something that they will shine in a way that only BLACKPINK knows.

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