BLACKPINK and CASETiFY have a new collection that BLINK will love


BLACKPINK will give BLINK the best accessories with their new collaboration with CASETiFY, so they can beautify their cell phones and other devices.

Fans of every K-Pop group want to take their favorite idols everywhere, this is why the merch is so popular, clothes, accessories and much more that each fandom can proudly wear and show off their love for an idol group. before the whole world.

BLACKPINK is no exception and they have released all kinds of articles so that BLINK can feel them closer and closer to his heart; It is also recognized that BP thinks of the planet and launched a line of green products to support the environment.

The artists of this popular girl group only want to wear the best style for their fans and much of their official merchandise is designed in a creative and original way, in addition to being very fashionable, as we remember that Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie have great impact on it.

This time, they will beautify BLINK cell phones, headphones and other devices with a new collection of special accessories in collaboration with CASETiFY, a brand that has already collaborated with other K-Pop groups and this time works with BLACKPINK.

BLINK will be able to personalize your cell phone, headphones, tablet and more electronic devices with the CASETiFY and BLACKPINK collection, with pink and black predominant, as well as stickers and cases inspired by idol songs like ‘Boombayah’.

There will be accessories for cell phones like iPhone, Apple Watch, earbuds and others to decorate them with BLACKPINK and take the idols everywhere.

Your cell phone will look amazing with the BLACKPINK girls and their best accessories thanks to this collaboration with CASETiFY.

Next December 21 is the launch date of the BLACKPINK x CASETiFY collection, you can now subscribe to the waiting list to have guaranteed access to the purchase of these accessories that all BLINK will want to have.

Although this CASETiFY x BLACKPINK collection is not on sale yet, it is estimated that the price range varies between $ 520 to $ 1,650 Mexican pesos, since it is what the accessories company has handled in other collaborations with the K-Pop group .

So BLINK already knows what gift he wants for Christmas, something new that beautifies his cell phone and other devices to the fullest with BLACKPINK idols.