BLACKPINK and aespa often get blasphemy lately, Korean netizens reveal the reason


South Korean netizens recently discussed the girl group BLACKPINK and AESPA, which recently often received blasphemous comments.


This was revealed in a post on the Pann site, which stated that BLACKPINK and AESPA have recently received many blasphemous comments from netizens.

The netizen then gave several examples of blasphemous posts against the two groups, ranging from accusations of plagiarism against AESPA, to posts about the comparison of the two groups.

Even though according to him, BLACKPINK is currently the best K-Pop girl group and AESPA is the best rookie girl group.

In response to the post, other South Korean netizens commented:

“They are angry because BLACKPINK and aespa are very successful,”

‘”There is another fandom that causes discord between BLACKPINK fans and aespa,”

“Both groups are equally successful, so they have a lot of haters, hahaha,”

“BLACKPINK has always been successful since their debut in 2016, but 2021 is the pinnacle of their career success. Absolutely amazing.”

“My friends are fans of BLACKPINK and AESPA, so I don’t think they hate each other. Both groups are equally good,” and various other comments.


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