BLACKPINK achieves 5 Guinness Record can How You Like That


The group earned 5 major titles in YouTube history. BLACKPINK has 5 Guinness World Records and makes K-pop history with “How You Like That”. BLACKPINK’s

first prerelease is about to complete a week, achieving great success in the girls’ career, who this new month will reveal another preview of their next album scheduled for September. We tell you about the achievement that they achieved thanks to their first promotional single.

BLACKPINK is almost 2 months away from their comeback, the group remained inactive for more than 1 year, but it seems that the wait was worth it, as the success of “How You Like That” increases as the days go by. Currently, music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Billboard and iTunes charts are important to artists.

The group achieved a perfect All Kill in the Korean rankings, the reproduction of which is difficult due to the country’s musical standards, but the group’s international fame has also brought the success of the single on a large scale: achieving 5 Guinness-certified World Records.

Through its official website, Guinness announced the goals achieved by the YG girl group. The first three titles are referring to the number of views they reached, breaking the barrier of 80 million views.

The records are:

  • The most viewed K-pop video in the first 24 hours
  • The most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours
  • The most viewed video clip in the first 24 hours.

But the recognition for BLACKPINK does not stop there, since its premiere “How you like that” it obtained records in the first minutes of its release, adding 2 more to the group

  • The premiere of a music video with more viewers
  • The premiere of a YouTube music video with more viewers
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Practically, BLACKPINK made history on the platform and within K-pop, but they are not first-time, months ago they were crowned on the portal as the celebrities with the most subscribers, they are also on the Spotify streaming service.

With just 4 years of career, the group has managed to conquer thousands of fans who follow its music. BLINK has set out to exceed those figures for the second release and later with their album.

If the girls surprised you, then the following K-pop releases will do it, we leave you the list with the July comebacks that you should write down in your calendar.


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