BlackPhone Cast Guide: Who Plays Each Character


Here is a complete guide to the cast and characters for the Black Phone. The latest horror film from director Scott Derrickson and Blumhouse Productions – Black Phone – tells the story of a terrifying killer known as a Grabber and his latest victim in a long line. Creating an atmosphere similar to stories such as “It” and “Very Strange Things” by Stephen King, “Black Phone” combines nostalgia for childhood with bloody horror for a truly heartbreaking story.

Based on the short story of the same name by author Joe Hill, the action of “Black Phone” takes place in a small suburban Colorado town in 1978. A serial killer known as a Grabber has already claimed the lives of five people, and when he wakes up after being kidnapped in a soundproof basement, Finnie Shaw quickly realizes that he has become victim number six. Shaw’s only chance to escape is a black dial phone on the wall; through it, the voices of the previous victims of the Grabber help young Finney escape the terrible fate that befell them all.

The cast of Scott Derrickson’s film “Black Phone” ranges from experienced movie veterans to young newcomers. The cast is largely led by his young talent, as it is the young victims of the Grabber who work in tandem to teach Finney in their own previous escape attempts. In addition to bright young talents, there are familiar faces in the “Black Phone” from such films as “It, Chapter Two”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Northerner”.

Ethan Hawke as Grabber

Ethan Hawke plays a Grabber, a serial killer and an amateur magician who hunts in the suburbs of Colorado. After abducting his victims with the lure of black balloons and harmless behavior, the Grabber isolates them in his basement, mocking their escape attempts before killing them. The grabber is disguised by a terrifying clown mask that changes according to his emotions. Hawk is a recognized veteran of the acting world, who has played such roles as King Aurvandil the Battle Raven in “The Northerner” and Arthur Harrow in “Moon Knight”.

Mason Thames as Finney Shaw

Finney Shaw is an average age of 13. Although Finney may be a little shy, he is a smart boy; something that will stand him in good stead in the challenges he will face. When Finney turns out to be a potential sixth victim of a Grabber, he must rely on the mentoring of his predecessors to find the strength to resist his captor. Finney Shaw is played by Mason Thames, who makes his feature film debut in The Black Phone. Thames has previously appeared in television series such as the CW’s “Walker” and NASA’s “For All Mankind” show on Apple TV+.

Black phone of minor roles and characters

Madeleine McGraw as Gwen Shaw — Finnie Shaw’s sister, who uses psychic abilities inherited from her mother to try to find her brother. McGraw previously appeared in the films “American Sniper” and “Secrets of Sulphur Springs”. Jeremy Davis as Terrence Shaw, the abusive alcoholic father of Finney and Gwen. Davis is known for his roles in the films “Saving Private Ryan” and “Twister. Roger Mitchell as Detective Wright – a detective who is looking for a Grabber. Mitchell has previously appeared in the films “The Hunger Games: And the Flame will Break Out” and “The Equalizer.” James Ranson as Max— the Grabber’s brother. Ranson is known for his roles in the second chapter of “It” and “Sinister. Banks Repeta” in the role of Griffin Stagg — the previous victim of Grabber. Repeta previously appeared in the TV series “The Devil for All Time”. Tristan Pravong is a previous victim of Grabber. Premiere of Pravong’s feature film. Miguel Casares Mora as Robin Arellano, a previous victim of Grabber. Cazares Mora is preparing the premiere of his film. Brady Hepner as Vance— a former victim of Grabber. Hepner previously appeared in Chicago Firemen.