What is Blackout Tuesday, what does it mean?


While the reactions continue after he killed George Floyd while detaining him, his music world is gathered on a rooftop with ‘Blackout Tuesday’. Spotify also supports the Blackout Tuesday campaign, as well as companies with artists such as Beyonce, Adele and Bruce Springsteen. What is Blackout Tuesday? Information about Blackout Tuesday campaign…

Blackout Tuesday is the name of the movement and the hashtag, in which the social media posts are suspended and the screens are darkened, in order to react to racist movements after Derek Chauvin is breathlessly killed due to the kneeling of George Floyd’s neck. Blackout Tuesday is a collective action by the elements of the music industry to protest racism and police violence.

Today: action which will be held at 00, the music industry, George Floyd after pressure applied to the neck of police of the oscillation between life and death during this time referring to 8 minutes and 46 seconds to stop all activities.

Social media accounts are being buried in the dark today as part of the #BlackoutTuesday action involving music companies, particularly Warner Music Group, Sony Music and Universal Music Group, as well as Rihanna, Drake, Travis Scott, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and outside the U.S. Spotify also supports with 8 minutes 46 seconds of silence.


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