Blackmail From The Creator Of GTA 6 Videos To Rockstar Games!


The game world continues to be flooded with leaks of information about GTA 6. The other day, a hacker leaked a video of the early development process of the long-awaited product.

Immediately after that, the developer studio, which responded to the leaks with copyright, began work to prevent the problem. However, it seems that this issue is not close to closure yet. The name behind the initial leaks is now blackmailing Rockstar Games with GTA 5 and GTA 6. Here are the details… The hacker who published the GTA 6 leak is blackmailing Rockstar Games by publishing the game files! the game world with what he shared. Although there was no clear image of GTA 6 before, the images spread quickly on the internet as a result of the appearance of these images.

“OK, this thread has suddenly gone viral. Shared on 3000 Telegram channels. If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take-Two and are trying to contact me, send a text message to 22559219889638875756. or write to [email protected] **corporate address * * I will read all these answers as soon as possible. “GTA 6 gameplay videos and images leaked! We’re going back to Vice City. With this news, Take-Two, the roofing company Rockstar Games, copyrighted many GTA 6 videos on YouTube. We assume that the hacker, who did not like the company’s attitude to this event, updated the open topic on the forum and said that he wanted to make a deal, implying blackmail. In addition, he revealed the source codes to blackmail Rockstar Games.

“GTA 5 and 6 source codes” Hacker updated the topic he opened on the forum and gave more detailed information. Stating that he has the source code, images and a test game GTA 5 and 6, the hacker said he wanted to negotiate. Apparently, the hacker is blackmailing Rockstar Games.

“Hi, here are 90 images/clips from GTA 6. In the near future I can publish more data, source code and images of GTA 5 and 6, a test game of GTA 6. Well, this branch has gone viral, which I did not expect. on Telegram 3000 channels. Rockstar or Take -If you are two employees and are trying to contact me, send a text message to 22559219889638875756 or write to [email protected] **with a corporate email address** I will read all these answers as soon as possible — I want to make a deal.” Game Sharing images, the hacker claims that he has the source codes of GTA 5 and 6. As we can see, he is blackmailing Rockstar Games, threatening to reveal the source codes. A man posing as a Rockstar/Take-Two employee managed to talk to a blackmailing hacker. The user posed as a Rockstar/Take-Two employee. and contacted the hacker via Telegram. In previous conversations, the hacker repeated that he had the source codes of GTA 5 and 6, and told the person posing as an employee to check the transaction logs of the IT team.


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