Blacklist: Young Katarina Rostova may return


In a post on Instagram, you can see Lotte Verbeek on a private set in New York. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t say precisely where it is, but at the same time, there are plenty of options to think about it close to The Blacklist Season 8.

Also, if we look at it in detail, she looks the same as in all the other appearances she made as Katarina throughout The Blacklist’s time, so we don’t think it’s too hard to think that she’s assuming that role again.

Of course, as long as everything we think about here is true, there’s still another question worth asking: Why the hell is Katarina back? What kind of story are you bringing to the table this time?

We could be going back to an earlier stage in her life to better understand why she is the person she is, or we could venture beyond the events of “Rassvet” and where we have seen her in the past. Maybe it helps to better understand why Katarina is who she is in the present … as long as she is actually Katarina. There are still questions we have about it.

The premiere of the new installment of the crime drama The Blacklist is very close. And just days before the premiere, NBC released the shocking and exciting reveal trailer that puts fans counting down the days to see how Liz will take on Red in season 8.

NBC officially announced the premiere date for the show’s eighth season. The crime drama, The Blacklist, will hit screens on Friday, November 13, 2020.

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