Blacklist: A post can mark the end of the series


The Blacklist is gearing up to embark on season 8, which is nearly a decade on the air. Now, with the premiere after a long hiatus only a few weeks away, some fans are already worried that the show will end with season 8.

It all started with an innocent post by Megan Boone’s partner Dan Estabrook, who took to social media ahead of The Blacklist season 8 premiere to share a photo of Boone with a caption that got fans talking.

While the spotlight has nothing quirky to highlight, one of the hashtags used has some rambunctious fans that The Blacklist could end season 8. Does that mean Megan Boone will only be playing Liz for one more year?

Or does it mean that The Blacklist is ready to end its epic run this season? If so, the NBC drama hasn’t officially acknowledged that its next season will be its last. Is this hashtag a slip that alludes to the end of an era? Does the protagonist of James Spader go to the afterlife?

The fact that multiple people left comments and no one seemingly clarified the meaning of the hashtag certainly adds some layers to the concern. However, no one related to The Blacklist has not indicated that Season 8 is the end. It all depends on whether Dan Estabrook was claiming that season 8 is the last of The Blacklist, which ended last season with solid viewership ratings.

The mid-season premiere garnered incredibly high viewership ratings, most likely due to the coronavirus quarantine situation. The Blacklist returns in less than a month. Season 8 is one of the most anticipated premieres of this year, which will air on Friday, November 13 on NBC.

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