BlackBerry QNX Vulnerability Poses Risk


BlackBerry QNX vulnerability poses risk. Hundreds of millions of devices have been put at risk due to a memory-based vulnerability in the BlackBerry QNX platform. BlackBerry wants customers to install patches.

We cannot hear the name BlackBerry in the smartphone market today, but the company is focused on the software side. The BlackBerry QNX platform is used in a wide range of systems today. But it suffers from vulnerabilities.

BlackBerry QNX poses a risk

A vulnerability called BadAlloc has been detected in older versions of the BlackBerry QNX platform, which is used in more than 145 million in-vehicle information systems and medical devices. This vulnerability, defined by Microsoft in April, occurs during memory allocation processes and can cause events up to leaking into systems.

Many companies have informed their customers to take action by stating that they are affected by the BadAlloc vulnerability, but it is stated that BlackBerry insisted that they were not affected by this vulnerability in the first place.

It is stated that after the negotiations with the US Cyber ​​Security Unit – CISA, BlackBerry was convinced and made a statement. The vehicle manufacturers for which the platform is licensed are required to apply the necessary updates to close this gap. In addition, the US Drug Administration has also issued a warning for QNX integrated medical equipment.


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