BlackBerry phones are returning once again


It looks like the BlackBerry brand’s journey in the smartphone market will begin again. FIH Mobile, under the roof of OnwardMobility and Foxconn, was entitled to produce BlackBerry’s first 5G phone. The device in question will also include a physical keyboard, which is BlackBerry’s trademark.

In the statement made by OnwardMobility, the first half of 2021 is pointed out for the release of the Android operating system phone. BlackBerry’s new deal is quite similar to the one previously made with TCL. With the new agreement, the production right of phones bearing the BlackBerry brand is given to OnwardMobility.

In OnwardMobility’s statement, attention was drawn to the need for secure devices. In addition, it was stated that BlackBerry’s productivity-focused approach will also be maintained. It is stated that the smartphone will be sold in North America and Europe. Plans for other regions remain unclear.

It is not surprising that BlackBerry, which has not produced a phone for a while, re-licensed its very strong brand 10 years ago. However, it may come as a surprise that the preference is for a relatively small company such as OnwardMobility. The company headquartered in the US state of Texas; It produces devices with a focus on usability, productivity and security.

It can be said that the second return of the BlackBerry brand to the smartphone market will be a process that will be followed with interest.

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