Black Witchcraft: Gothic action RPG coming in April for PC


The independent developer QuattroGear announced on Monday (8) the launch of the gothic action RPG Black Witchcraft. The title inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s most popular tales will be added to the Steam catalog in April, arriving on other platforms at a later date yet to be confirmed.

Black Witchcraft will relive the narratives of The Crow, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Black Cat, Annabel Lee, Ligeia and other tales by the renowned gothic horror writer Allan Poe, in a game that mixes elements of side-scroller with RPG. In the title, the player will assume the role of Ligeia, who must fight brutal enemies with his Dullahan suitcase in order to prevent Roderick Usher from reviving the powerful witch Lenore. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

Black Witchcraft will arrive in April for PC, with support for English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are also confirmed, but with no expected release date.


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