Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson And Disney Settle And Close Process


Black Widow: Recently, actress Scarlett Johansson and Disney reached a peaceful agreement after the Black Widow star filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming breach of contract.

Without going into the proceedings, the international press released some details about the agreement. Supposedly, the artist will receive about $20 million from the company for any financial damages she would have had with the release on Disney+.

Through an official statement, Johansson celebrated the end of the process. “I’m so happy to have resolved this case with Disney. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done together over the years as I appreciate my creative relationship with the entire team. I’m already looking forward to continuing our partnership for the next few years.” she pointed out.

Alan Bergman, current president of Disney Studios, said that Scarlett Johansson is still expected for future projects at the company. Through a newsletter released to the media, the executive praised the actress’ contributions to Marvel and stressed that both sides have good relations.


Black Widow: learn more about Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit

According to the artist, the release of the film that starred in the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel in the feature Premier Access, from Disney+, did not contemplate the clause of gains in percentage with the box office of the film in its entirety. Thus, Johansson felt aggrieved by the company and decided to file a lawsuit.

Despite the controversy, rumors guarantee that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, would have expressed his dissatisfaction with this matter directly with Disney and banned other MCU films from being released directly on streaming. Actresses Elizabeth Olsen, protagonist of WandaVision, and also Jamie Lee Curtis came out in defense of Natasha Romanoff’s interpreter publicly.

It is worth remembering that, after this disagreement, Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, announced that the company would re-evaluate and also update all its contractual policies regarding the cast, precisely so that everyone could be contemplated with the new streaming release methods.


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