Black Widow: Kevin Feige Would Be Pissed Off At Disney+ Release


Black Widow: According to what rumors indicate, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, would be quite irritated with Disney’s posture when releasing the movie Black Widow at Disney+ simultaneously with the theaters. In addition, it is worth noting that, last Thursday (29), Scarlett Johansson’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the company alleging breach of contract.

Feige would be supporting Johansson in this case because, as reported by journalist Matt Belloni in a daily newsletter, the producer understood the situation and was ashamed of the decisions made by Disney. “Feige is quite upset about all this,” he wrote.

Understand why Scarlett Johansson decided to sue Disney

Initially planned to open in theaters in 2020, the feature film focused on Natasha Romanoff suffered several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, Disney built the Premier Access feature into its streaming service to ensure there was no impact on production profits.

But, it seems, the company did not consult the cast and crew who had a share of the box office profits with the release of the feature – in this case, Scarlett Johansson herself.

As the contracts were not updated, the actress felt aggrieved by the company’s executives, even considering that in her second week in theaters, Black Widow lost about 67% of her audience. Overall, this significant data was attributed to the film’s immediate availability in streaming, along with issues related to piracy.

In contrast to all this, other studios, such as Warner Bros. Pictures, used an assertive strategy to get around the pandemic situation and ensure that their productions arrived simultaneously on digital platforms.

So that there was no breach of contract, the company in question negotiated with professionals who had a profit share in the films box office, signing new agreements — something Disney chose not to do.

According to polls conducted by the international press, Emma Stone is expected to file a similar lawsuit related to Cruella’s debut on Disney+.

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