Black Widow in video games: a wasted heroine?


Black Widow: On the occasion of the premiere of the Black Widow movie, we review all the games in which Natasha Romanoff, Marvel’s deadly avenger, has participated. It’s like that famous meme where the Justice League gets hungry and Batman sends Flash for some pizzas. “Flas, your quickie, bring some pics for the league of pleasure.” Very diligent, Flash stands at the nearest Telepizza 0.000000000001 seconds later and orders … well, a ham and bacon to go, or any other that does not have pineapple. Then a clerk replies that it’s perfect, no problem, but yes, the pizzas will take thirty minutes. “Ai cork”, escapes poor Barry. And there are things that not even superheroes can avoid. Throughout these last years they have been seen and desired with all kinds of threats. What if the Chitauri, what if the armies of Ultron … They have even fought and emerged victorious from their fight against that factory of genetically perfect humans that is Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal, Cate Blanchett, Michael Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Michael B. Jordan, and Mads Mikkelsen (known in these lands as Clifford Unger) are just a few of the Marvel’s Secret angels whose charms Spider-Man, Thor and Thor have had to resist. company. But as we said, there are defeats that not even they can avoid. And no, we are not thinking about Thanos. We are thinking about one of those horrors that, like the Telepisa waiting times, affect mortals and superheroes alike: the coronavirus.

The pandemic of the last year has not distinguished between those who wear a cape and those who do not. We have all had to spend a few months at home, full of uncertainty and with our life on standby. This is the case of Black Widow, who will be as pretty, smart and lethal as you want, but she has had to deal with masks like the others and has postponed the premiere of her own movie up to three times. Scarlett Johansson must be up to Natasha Romanoff’s bun by now. Something similar to what happens to us with Bayonetta 3. But unlike what happens with the Platinum Games game, the wait for Black Widow is temporary, not infinite, and even if it is more than a year later than expected, its end has come. These days the Marvel film is released in theaters (and in Disney +, although only for those with Premium Access), so at MeriStation we wanted to take the opportunity to remember how the Black Widow character has fared in the video game world. Because unfortunately, we are in a sector where you will have to keep waiting if you want to get a leading role.


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