Black Widow: Disney studies new release date


Rumors suggest that Disney should postpone the debut of Black Widow once again. According to the American portal Variety, with the weak reopening of cinemas in the USA, the studio chose to change the release date of the Marvel heroine film.

In this case, Tenet’s performance far below expectations in American showrooms sparked the alert for the company and other competitors. For example, Warner Bros. has already moved the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 to December.

According to information from Variety, about 70% of American cinemas have returned to activities. However, in addition to the difficulty of attracting the public worried about the coronavirus, the rooms in big cities like New York and Los Angeles remain closed.

As a result, Tenet earned just $ 29 million in North American territory after two weeks on air. A very low value for a production that had an estimated budget of US $ 205 million.

Given this scenario, the resumption of premieres in American cinemas should still take a long time to return to “normal standards”. As a consequence, studios should continue to change release dates until they feel more secure.

Streaming as an option

Another information revealed by Variety is that Disney is considering launching the Soul animation directly on the Disney + streaming service. So far, Pixar’s new production is scheduled to debut on November 20 in the USA.

If the rumors are confirmed, a question arises about the distribution of the material. There are no details on whether the film will be made available free of charge to subscribers or in rental format, as was the case recently with Mulan.

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It is worth mentioning that, due to the pandemic, Disney moved several productions that were supposed to debut in theaters for Disney +. Soon, attractions like the musical Hamilton performed excellently in attracting new subscribers to the service.


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