Black Widow: Blade Actor Call Marvel Movie ‘Garbage’ and ‘Shameful’


Black Widow: Recently, through an interview with The Independent, actor Stephen Dorff, famous mainly for starring in the film Blade (1998), uttered the word about Black Widow (Black Widow, in the original), the latest release of the MCU in theaters. According to him, the production, starring Scarlett Johansson, is shameful.

“It looks like garbage to me,” he said. “It’s like a really bad video game. I’m embarrassed that people are watching this. I’m ashamed of Scarlett! I’m sure she got five, seven million dollars, but I’m embarrassed for her,” he continued.

The actor also revealed that he would never participate in new Marvel films if he were invited. “I really don’t want to,” he said, adding that he prefers to work with young up-and-coming filmmakers. It is also worth noting that the film Blade, directed by Stephen Norrington in the late 1990s, is also based on the company’s original comics.

Surrounded by controversy, Stephen Dorff also said that he believes Hollywood is in complete decline today. Even with his comments, the Marvel film continues to be well received by viewers, as well as a good part of critics.

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Released through Premier Access, available on Disney+, and also in select theaters, Black Widow features Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, Yolanda Lynes, David Harbour, Olivier Richters and OT Fagbenle in its main cast.

The feature film, directed by Cate Shortland, received favorable reviews from specialized critics. In fact, Jaime Jirak, from Comicbook, pointed out that he had a lot of fun with the film, considering it a great MCU return to theaters.

Other critics also highlighted the good rhythmic action sequences that the production provokes, in addition to a good narrative construction on top of such interesting characters. Public anticipation is also focused on the official release of the film on Disney+ — outside the Premier Access feature — which is expected to take place on October 8th of this year.

So stay tuned for all the news related to the MCU!


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