Black Sails: Will there be a comeback?


Black Sails ended in 2017 after four seasons. Fortunately, the writers were able to complete the story they set out to tell, with some of the more important arcs tied in one way or another at the end of the series.

But when so many popular dramas have lasted six, seven, or more seasons, it’s natural to wonder if Black Sails should have continued to run longer as well. The open possibilities presented by the ending and the sheer amount of material Treasure Island still has to offer are tantalizing.

Since the finale aired, fans have debated whether the story Long John Silver tells Madi is true. As Flint is seen meeting Thomas on screen, the last moments in the woods between Silver and Flint are not shown. Everything that follows is narrated by Silver, who is a master manipulator and storyteller throughout all four seasons of Black Sails.

While Flint is likely alive, at least if the show is going to be consistent with Treasure Island, a fifth season could confirm this and shed new light on the truths and / or falsehoods in Silver’s story.

Even though the ending of Black Sails put the characters almost perfectly in the perfect position for an introduction to Treasure Island, there are still some loose ends. Flint’s infamous map showing the location of the treasure is not referenced at all in the script, for example, and it’s unclear if Flint has even drawn such a map at the end of the show.

How the map ends up in the hands of Billy Bones, and the events that led to Flint’s death as described in the novel, are questions left unanswered by the end of Black Sails. Another season could get a lot of mileage out of developing detail between the remaining known plot points.


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