Black Ray: the trailer of the 4th season of the series


The CW released, on Sunday (24), the first trailer of the 4th season of Black Lightning. The video left fans of the show extremely anxious for the ending of the story, and it also carries a strong sense of completion for the last season of Black Lightning.

Tense mood in the trailer for Season 4 of Black Lightning

The teaser begins with Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) in front of Inspector Henderson’s headstone. The hero has a hard time dealing with the tragic death of his longtime companion. The whole video presents a climate of tension, with a lot of discussions and scenes of struggle.

The beginning of the trailer brings a narration of Jefferson saying that things always end in tragedy, no matter how hard he tries to do the right thing. The hero also vented that “Black Lightning is not trying to save the world, I’m just trying to protect my family”.

In one of the discussions, Jefferson tells someone that “Black Lightning is dead”. He is answered by Peter Gambi (James Remar), who tries to show another side by saying that Freeland would be lost without the hero. However, the mentor receives an angry response from Jefferson, who yells, “Freeland is already lost!”

What to expect from the last episodes?

The series has already had its final confirmed for this 4th season and there should be some changes in the cast for the last episodes.

The meta-human Grace Choi, played by Chantal Thuy, was promoted to a regular role in the series. In addition to Thuy, China actress Anne McClain, who would be leaving the series, will be present in only a few episodes of the season as the heroine Lightning.

The last season of Black Lightning is scheduled to open on February 8, on the American channel The CW.


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