Black Noir’s Return Confirmed as a Threat to Homelander


This reveal apparently confirms that The Boys’ Eric Kripke will not use the plot of the iconic comics; However, according to this fan theory, Black Noir might mirror the comics after all.

The theory posits that despite certain deviations the TV show has made from the comics, The Boys is actually a fairly faithful adaptation and has actually set the stage for several basic moments in the story.

He also claims that Black Noir’s face reveal was an elaborate bait and switch from the writers, and that he returned in season 3 of The Boys may not be the one who went to the hospital in anaphylactic shock.

This theory is promising for several reasons. First, the season 2 finale seemed to especially point to Neuman’s stories being key plot lines in the upcoming season of The Boys.

It also makes sense why Vought would want to trade a brain-damaged Noir for a Homelander clone. In the comics, Black Noir was created to deter Homelander. The Boys’ new Black Noir could be created for the same reason.

Actor Nathan Mitchell has confirmed the return of Black Noir season 3, but has also expressed that it would be fine if Black Noir is finally unmasked or not. So, The Boys may still be able to pull off their most ambitious turn.

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