Black Myth: Wukong gets exciting trailer with gameplay


To celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year, developer Game Science has released a new trailer for the promising Black Myth: Wukong, bringing more gameplay scenes with lots of beating, enemies, bosses and new scenarios.

In the images, you can see some of Sun Wukong’s abilities not shown in the previous videos, such as a transformation into a huge tank creature protected by a shell, in addition to consecutive strikes, combos, and the ever impressive “jutsu” of the clones. Now, the gameplay brings new scenarios and enemies, placing the hero in an arid region dominated by hordes of ninja mice.

The commemorative trailer of the year of the ox features unpublished chefs with vast movesets, filled with a repertoire of effects capable of filling the eyes of those who watch them. Sparks, flames, particles and various screen events seem to be more beautiful than ever, proving that the development of the game is moving towards what was promised by the studio. Check it out below.

However, according to a message placed at the end of the trailer, “the video was produced especially to celebrate the year of the ox, without representing a real plot”. This means that the narrative content of the material should not appear in the final version of the game, possibly arising only the game mechanics, enemies and visuals.

Black Myth: Wukong has no release date yet.


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