Black Mirror: What we suspected of the production of season 6 of this series


Black Mirror fans are celebrating after it became known that Netflix is ​​in talks for the premiere of season 6 of this emblematic series that stops hearts and minds when it airs, to give us a slap in the face of futuristic reality of what we can reach be as a society. This speculative fiction series won 6 Emmy Awards and was nominated for many other awards. Its producers are already working to once again provide a dose of this particular reality.

Netflix is ​​gearing up to find all-new ways to wow us all over again with a new slate of episodes from the hit sci-fi series, Black Mirror according to Variety magazine. Since the last season (5) only consisted of 3 episodes, fans of these unique stories were left hungry for more.

Series creator Charlie Brooker will be on the team as director again. Let us remember that each new episode of the series mixes technology with criticism to show us a gloomy picture of the direction in which society could be going, in its dependence on that electronic and digital world in which we are increasingly immersed.

Although there are no details of the episodes yet, since Netflix prefers to keep them secret until the season’s debut, speculation regarding the new chapters has not been long in coming. For now, it is known that the goal of this new installment of Black Mirror is to produce more episodes per season and expand the production values ​​to a more cinematic scope.

This British series was incorporated into the Netflix catalog, and its production quality increased considerably, so the stories are expected to be larger and more complex in their direction and editing. Although it may seem like a challenge to be able to push the limits of the plot of this story, fans trust that the platform, writers and producers will not let them down. It has been suggested that each episode be treated as an individual movie, as was already done with the piece Bandersnatch, a game-like episode presented as a movie, which was one of the highlights of last season.

Black Mirror was also characterized by surprising high profile actors such as Bryce Dallas Howard, Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm and Kelly Macdonald who are just some of the names that have appeared in some of the independent episodes. Therefore, it is expected that other stars of the same caliber will arrive for this next season, since the casting is in progress.