Black Mirror: 8 Best Quotes


The recent announcement that there would be another season of “Black Mirror” was well received by fans, as there was uncertainty about whether the anthology series would return or not. The technology-focused show is best known for exploring bizarre advances in technology and their negative consequences, as well as attracting famous actors to lead roles.

Another thing that makes “Black Mirror” such a memorable series is the dialogues. In a show full of deeply thought-out arches, the characters are often forced to speak in a philosophical and analytical manner. Thus, the fans received some of the most memorable remarks they have ever heard on television.

When Chris complains about social media addiction
, “People don’t even look up anymore. The sky can turn purple and you won’t notice it for a month.” (C5 Ep2)

Chris, a minibus driver, kidnaps an intern on a social network and demands to talk to the CEO. After a long chase, he laments that social media has been so exciting that people don’t notice anything anymore. He then admits that he caused the accident that led to the death of his fiancee because he was looking at the notice.

Many episodes of the series deal with advances in technology that have yet to be realized, but Chris’s story covers what is happening in the modern world. Chris believes it’s not just his fault that the accident happened. A social media company should also take some of the blame by engaging users without caring about the consequences.

When Hector advises Kenny not to release his video online
, “There is no cure for the Internet, you will never leave.” (C3 Ep3)

A mysterious hacker is blackmailing a man named Hector, threatening to publish photo evidence of his infidelity. A boy named Kenny is also being blackmailed because of a compromising video with his participation. The two are ordered to rob a bank, and when Kenny hesitates, Hector reminds him of the consequences.

Hector is right about the fact that indelible traces remain on the Internet. Once an image or video is published, it will not be possible to completely erase it. Both characters are driven by fear: Hector is afraid of losing custody of his children, while Kenny is afraid that his parents and friends will see the video. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because the blackmailer still doesn’t fulfill the promise and publishes the video. A lesson? Never write down something that you would not want others to see.

When Fionn explains why she lied to her husband
“Not everything that doesn’t correspond to reality is a lie.” (C1 Ep3)

After Liam discovers that his wife Fionn had sex with another man, which could lead to the birth of their daughter, he confronts her. Fionn claims she didn’t lie to him, she was only protecting him from emotional damage.

Fionn knows that Liam tends to overreact and torment himself with information as soon as he gets it, so she thinks it’s best to protect him from the truth. For her, withholding information is not equivalent to lying. Despite the fact that it makes sense, it still tries to justify its actions.

When Judge Charity rejects the Abi
, “Authenticity is in terrible short supply.” (C1 Ep2)

In one of the best episodes of Black Mirror, Abi’s dream of becoming a singer is shattered when the judges tell her that they have already heard singers like her.

Despite the fact that Judge Charity’s words are well thought out, they are a bit ironic, since all people in this particular reality live the same life, where they are forced to earn loans to make purchases. Thus, it is difficult for anyone to develop a unique way of thinking or acting. The few who manage to stand out eventually reap all the benefits.

When Kelly praises Yorkie for choosing glasses
, “People try so hard to look the way they think they should look.” (C3 Ep4)

After completing the Yorkie, Kelly asks her if she really needs glasses or if they are just a fashion statement. Yorkie explains that he wears them because they are comfortable, which impresses Kelly because most people focus only on their appearance.

This is another remark reflecting modern society. Everyone tries to look good in the eyes of other people, instead of feeling comfortable. Kelly’s realization that Yorkie is not like other people attracts her even more, which leads to the appearance of one of the best ships in the series.

When Napier proposes a new kind of democracy
, “Let people vote “thumbs up”, “thumbs down”, the majority wins. This is democracy.” (C2 Ep3)

Tired of the traditional electoral process, producer Napier offers an online election system in which candidates receive votes for or against.