Black Lightning 4×7: learn more about Painkiller and Khalil


Black Lightning: The 4th season of Black Lightning returned to the television screens this Monday (12th) after a short hiatus. However, contrary to what we imagined, the new episode did not start right after the end of the last episode aired, with Jefferson and Jennifer.

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More details of the 4×7 Black Lightning episode

The 7th episode of the season left us with the feeling that maybe Black Lightning will win a derived series, potentially even entitled “Painkiller”, the name of this new episode. After all, the return of the series was focused on Painkiller, Khalil Payne, and opened the way for the character’s new paths.

The episode takes place in Akashic Valley, where Grace and Anissa visit on their honeymoon. In a club, a man offers to take a picture of the couple, but the flash is so strong that it irritates his eyes. Grace gets angry and goes to the bathroom. There, she is kidnapped and Anissa manages to see her being dragged. When trying to help, Painkiller appears and attacks her.

In his head, Khalil and Painkiller discuss the possibility of killing Anissa. Painkiller knows that this is just another ASA program, but he won’t be able to find peace until he kills all the Pierces. Fortunately, Khalil emerges victorious from this internal struggle and spares Anissa’s life, taking her back to the club.

One of Khalil’s colleagues, Donald, is responsible for taking care of Anissa while he tries to find Grace. Her kidnapper is a man hired by Maya and we find out that she is trying to capture human targets. Khalil manages to find him and put a tracker on him so Philky can find out where he took Grace.

Meanwhile, Maya watches Grace and reveals that she has special plans for her. With Khalil breaking into the building and finding a room full of people with wires connected to their brains, it’s easy to imagine what those plans are. However, this room also gives him an idea: Khalil might be able to use computer technology to get rid of Painkiller.

So the two decide to work together to save Grace and steal the equipment. Then, Painkiller deals with the guards while Maya watches over the cameras. She activates a self-destruct mechanism and comes out of hiding, while Grace wakes up and struggles to escape as well. Khalil and Painkiller also manage to escape at the last minute.

We still don’t know if the next episodes of Black Lightning will continue to explore Maya’s plan to encrypt minds and how this technology can influence Khalil’s life. Therefore, it is worth continuing to watch to learn more!

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