Black Friday: tips from Smarts TVs 65 and 75 inches


Black Friday Brasil is coming, this is a great time to look for a 4K Smart TV. Thus, the 65 and 75 inch models are the most suitable for those who like to watch movies and streaming series as if they were in a cinema.

Still don’t know when Black Friday 2020 is? This year, the full date of special offers happens on November 27th. TecMundo is already promoting full coverage with a series of product indications and special content to help you.

That way, we selected seven models of Smart TVs 65 and 75 inches for you to keep an eye on. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your living room into a great cinema!

Smart TV LED 65 ”, 4K, TCL 65P8M

The minimalist and sophisticated lines of the Smart TV TCL give full focus to the 65-inch screen. With 4K Ultra HD image quality, you can watch content in high definition and enjoy the vibrant look of scenes.

This model features the Android TV operating system. Agile and customizable, it has access to the main streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Globoplay. Finally, intelligent control is accompanied by Google Assistant and answers voice commands.

Smart TV LED 65 ”, 4K, Samsung Crystal UN65TU8000

Aiming for an immersive experience, the Samsung Crystal Smart TV features a 65 ”screen with infinite edge and 4K resolution. Thus, it presents more realistic images with vivid and refined colors.

Accompanied by the Alexa assistant, the TV has an intelligent voice control that interacts with other devices in the Samsung Crystal line. So, this is a great investment for those who want to “build” a home cinema.

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Smart TV Nano Cristal 65 ”, 4K, LG 65SM8600

In addition to the 65 ”screen with 4K resolution, LG’s Smart TV Nano Cristal stands out for its new NanoCell technology. In this way, it presents images with more accurate and realistic colors that promotes an impressive look from any angle.

Using the Alpha7 processor and the webOS 4.5 operating system, the model has a smooth flow between apps. Another great attraction is the artificial intelligence of the Smart TV LG that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the brightness of the place.

75 ”LED Smart TV, 4K, Samsung Series 7 UN75RU7100

Following the brand’s proposal, the Samsung 7 Series Smart TV offers an immersive experience to users. With a 75 ”screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution, it presents images with realistic and vivid colors combined with a high quality sound system.

Featuring minimalist lines, another highlight of the model is the cable-free look to keep the environment organized. Finally, in addition to accessing streaming platforms, the operating system allows mirroring content from the mobile device.

75 ”LED Smart TV, 4K, Sony X805G

Very complete, the Sony X805G Smart TV comes with the Android TV system. The 75 ”screen with 4K HDR resolution features Triluminos technology, providing images with more vivid and realistic colors.

The model features 4K X-Reality Pro and Motion Flow 240Hz. Thus, they emphasize details and project images with movements more clearly. In addition, the control with Google Assistant can be used to trigger other objects in the house.


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