Black Friday: Start Tracking The Prices Of The Best TV Models


Black Friday: The most anticipated time of year for consumers is coming. People around the world are waiting for Black Friday to buy the most diverse products on the date, from clothing items to home appliances.

Last year, accessories for smartphones, cell phones and headsets were some of the most sold products on Black Friday, according to a survey carried out by Criteo, a trade marketing company. The big highlight, however, was the sale of TVs, which grew 672% compared to the previous year. If you are part of the team that intends to acquire a television on Black Friday 2021, find out how to follow the prices of smart TVs.

How to choose the ideal size

Before rushing to buy a TV, you need to know what the ideal size is according to the room’s space. For this, the tip is to measure the distance between the sofa or bed and the wall or room where the television will be installed. Once that’s done, you need to multiply the distance by 18 times. The result will be the ideal size in inches for your television. With a distance of approximately 1.7 meters, for example, a 32-inch smart TV would be recommended.

Remember that the resolution of the TV — Full HD, 4K or 8K — also influences the user experience.


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