Black Friday: Procon teaches how to buy safely


For those who wish to save on the purchase of various products, Black Friday can be a great opportunity – but it is necessary to take some basic precautions with the event. Thinking of helping both consumers and suppliers, Procon of Rio de Janeiro provided a booklet in which it provides several recommendations, and the document also serves as a kind of guide for traders to pay attention to procedures such as prices, offers, exchanges and delivery of items; and security of your sites.

Among the guidelines for the client are to search for values ​​in different vehicles and stores and pay attention to the cash and installment investments, as well as specific conditions, all so as not to be led to errors or promotions that, in fact, do not offer any discount – common practice, even if it contradicts the Consumer Protection Code. Checking whether built-in extended warranty offers are part of the ads is another indication.

“It is an important event for trade and economic development, and an opportunity that the consumer looks forward to buying that product he wants with a special discount. It is important for the consumer to pay attention to the price comparison and the supplier’s seriousness and suitability for have no frustration. As for the suppliers, it is important to preserve the credibility of the event “, points out Cássio Coelho, president of Procon-RJ.

When in doubt, be suspicious – and, if you need to, report it
Suspicious of very low values ​​is fundamental, highlights the institution, as well as checking the suitability of the websites visited – identified by the presence of the HTTPS electronic protocol and the display of a closed padlock icon in the browser, which, according to the entity, indicates safety.

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“It is good to remember that the purchases made during the Black Friday period do not fail to follow the rules of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC). If there is no fulfillment of the offer, there is a claim in Procon-RJ. The consumer who finds any irregularity , must report “, indicates the material, which can be accessed here.


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