Black Friday: popular coffee makers to keep an eye on


Black Friday Brasil is coming and here at TecMundo you will find complete coverage with the best offers. But when does Black Friday start? In 2020 the day of offers is scheduled for November 27. For many, the date is expected throughout the year, as it brings unmissable prices for that product that consumers have been dreaming of.

So it is worth keeping an eye on product prices during that month so as not to buy at full price. In many cases, discounts appear during the month of November. See below some models to keep an eye on.

Espresso coffee maker, Pop Plus – Três Corações

With a water tank with a capacity of 1.3 liters, the Três Corações Pop Plus coffee maker has a pressure of 15 bar and is supplied by capsules. Versatile, with the model it is possible to make various drinks such as coffees, teas and cappuccinos. This coffee maker also has an automatic shutdown, pilot lamp and removable tray that greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the equipment in everyday life.

Espresso coffee maker, Dolce Gusto Piccolo – Arno

A great option to enjoy on Black Friday day, Dolce Gusto Piccolo has a 600ml water tank capacity and has a pressure of 15 bar. One of the differentials of the model is the Thermoblock system, which does not let the water cool while the coffee is brewed, while it does not heat up on the outside. Simply insert the flavor capsule of your choice in the indicated location and give the command. After 5 minutes the coffee maker switches off automatically and avoids wasting electricity.

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Espresso coffee machine, Essenza Mini, Aeroccino D30- Nespresso

Essenza Mini D30 blends with any environment and is synonymous with creamy drink. That’s because it has the Aeroccino foamer, responsible for making milk drinks, like cappuccinos, much more creamy. The model has a 600 ml water tank, 19 bar pressure and a removable tray that makes cleaning the equipment easier.

Espresso coffee maker, Coffee Express – Philco

Does the espresso machine you’re looking for need more capacity? Philco Coffee Express has a 1.6 liter reservoir, which allows you to fill more cups before you need to refill the reservoir. One of the differentials of this model is that it uses powdered or ground coffee and not capsules. In addition, the equipment has a spray nozzle that makes it possible to prepare other drinks with milk foam. The machine pressure is 15 bar.


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